According to the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors of BE Group must consist of at least three and no more than ten directors elected by the annual general meeting for a term that lasts until the end of the next annual general meeting. The Articles of Association do not allow election of alternate directors.

BE Group's current board is made up of five directors elected by the AGM held on April 18, 2024: Anders Rothstein, Chairman of the Board, Monika Gutén, Lars Olof Nilsson, Mats O Paulsson and Petter Stillström and the employee representative Ida Strömberg

All five directors elected by the annual general meeting are independent in relation to BE Group and the Company's executive management. All directors elected by the annual general meeting, with the exception of Petter Stillström, are considered independent in relation to BE Group's principal owners.


Each year, the Board of Directors sets a written agenda that clarifies, among other matters, the responsibilities of the Board and that regulates the mutual division of labour between the Board and its committees, as well as the role of the President. The rules of procedure also govern how the Board will obtain information and documentation as a basis for exercising its responsibilities and to enable it to make informed decisions. Read more about the Board of Directors work in the Corporate Governance Report.


Born 1964
Member of the Board since April 2024 (Chairman since 2024)

Other assignments: CEO Elfa International AB
Previous experience: CEO at Lammhults Design Group AB, Vice President at Inwido AB, CEO at Human Care HC AB and other leading roles within Saint-Gobain Ecophon
Education: Executive MBA
Number of shares: 2,000
Shares in close association: 0


Board member
Born 1975
Member of the Board since 2022

Other assignments: Investment Director for Industry Products at Storskogen
Previous experience: Vice President, Acquisition Parts & Services at Epiroc and several roles within SSAB among other as responsible for Tibnor's business in Sweden and Denmark 
Education: M.Sc. in Business and Economics
Number of shares: 1,000
Shares in close association: 0


Board Member
Born 1962
Member of the Board since 2006

Other assignments: Evli Corporate Finance AB. Chairman of the Board of Kaptensbacken (own company) and NSS Group AB. Board member of JLL Treasury Support AB och JLL Transaction Services AB.
Previous experience: Positions within the Trelleborg Group, including as CFO and Head of Group Finance and Head of Group Business Development
Education: M.Sc. in Business and Economics
Number of shares: 3,282
Shares in close association: 15,000


Board Member
Born 1958
Member of the Board since 2020

Other assignments: Chairman of Caverion Oy, Nordic Waterproofing Holding AB, Nordisk Bergteknik AB and Svevia AB, Board member of Acrinova AB and Bösarps Grus & Torrbruk AB.
Previous experience: CEO of Bravida, Strabag Scandinavia and Peab Industri and former Board member of among other Acando, Paroc OY and Ramirent Plc.
Education: M.Sc. Engineering
Number of shares: 50,000
Shares in close association: 0


Board member
Born 1972
Member of the Board since 2012

Other assignments: President and board member of AB Traction. Chairman of the Board of Nilörngruppen, OEM international and Softronic and board member of Hifab Group. Also board member within Traction Group and private holding companies.
Previous experience: Active within corporate finance, AB Traction since 1999 and its President since 2001
Education: M.Sc. in Business and Economics
Number of shares: 80 000 (via endowment insurance)
Shares in close association: 3,260,000


Employee Representative
Born 1981
Member of the Board since 2022

Other assignments: Account Manager Industry at BE Group Sverige AB. Union secretary of Unionen's members in BE Group’s offices in Sweden.
Previous experience: Experience in sales in the steel industry since 2003.
Number of shares: 0
Shares in close association: 0